Support Template


Edbot is a humanoid robot you can program with Scratch, Python, JavaScript and a host of other languages.

To get started please read the Edbot Owner's Guide. This includes lots of useful information and some very important safety precautions. Following these safety precautions will keep you, your students and your Edbot safe.

Edbot kit

If you purchased an unassembled Edbot, you'll need the Edbot Assembly Guide. Use this in conjunction with the Robotis Mini Assembly Guide included with your kit.

Time to code

Well, almost! You'll first need to download and set up the Edbot Software. This software connects your code to your Edbot. Here's the growing list of programming languages we support.

Scratch 3.0

We've compiled Coding Edbot with Scratch 3.0 to help you get going with the Edbot blocks.

Scratch 2.0

If you're still on Scratch 2.0, Coding Edbot with Scratch 2.0 will help you master the Edbot blocks.

Python 3

If Python’s your thing, check out the comprehensive Edbot Python API.


The Edbot JavaScript API provides an easy-to-use, powerful API to control your Edbots.


It's great that developers in the Edbot community are adding support for other coding languages. Please let us know if you're working on a port and we'll list it here.


Thanks to Jeroen van Dooren for his Edbot C# API. Find it on Github: