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Edbot Dream

With Edbot Dream you can build 20+ robots from the same kit and code them. The Edbot Dream Standard Edition is single user and lets you code in Scratch. The Edbot Dream Pro Edition adds Python, JavaScript and other languages and includes multi-user networking support.

To get started please read the Edbot Dream Owner's Guide. This includes lots of useful information and some very important safety precautions. Following these safety precautions will keep you, your students and your Edbot Dream safe.

Edbot Software

You’ll first need to download and set up the Edbot Software. This software connects your code to your Edbot Dream.


Next you'll want to get building!

We provide a link to our PDF assembly instructions for 20+ robots after purchase. They include sample code in Scratch and Python.

assembly example

You can also view the assembly instructions using the 3D animated R+ m.Design App from Robotis.

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The following programming guides are language specific and contain all the gory details to enable you to code your Edbot Dream.

Scratch 2.0

We’ve compiled Coding Edbot Dream with Scratch 2.0 to help you get going with the Edbot Dream Scratch blocks.

Python 3

If Python’s your thing, you’ll need to use the comprehensive Edbot Dream Python API.


Coming very soon!