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Edbot Software

The Edbot Software enables your program to control your Edbot and your Edbot Dream robots.

The unique features of the software make it ideal for educational establishments. It runs in "server" mode on the teacher's computer, connecting to the robots via Bluetooth. For Scratch, it runs in "client" mode on the student computers, forwarding requests to the server. The teacher can allocate control of a robot to a specific computer using an auto-populated dropdown menu. This means your robot becomes a shared resource. We use the same mechanism to support Python, JavaScript and lots of other programming languages. The connections appear in the dropdown menu and allow multi-language control of the robot with real time switching.

The software was designed to support the languages taught in schools out of the box. Scratch, Python and JavaScript are fully documented and we'll be adding more. We also have a Web-based API which supports any modern programming language and we are encouraging developers to add client libraries in their language of choice.

The text to speech functionality really brings your Edbot and Edbot Dream to life. Some schools place a Bluetooth speaker near the robot, others choose to channel the sound through the projector or interactive display. The software uses the voices installed on the computer.

Download the latest version of the Edbot Software.

Visit the setup page for help getting the software up and running.


Each Edbot and Edbot Dream needs its own product key. Once activated, the product key is permanently associated with the robot, not the computer. This means you can take the robot home and activate it on a laptop. So long as you use the same product key with the same robot, all will be well.

If you've purchased an Edbot or Edbot Dream, the product key is included.

The Edbot Pro Product Key is sold separately for people who have bought Robotis Mini or Robotis Dream products elsewhere.